Did You Know?

The services of the Lowcountry Firefighter Support Team include the following:

Peer-based counseling and contacts for all firefighters in the Lowcountry region of our State;

Referrals for clinical behavioral health counseling services to experienced therapists well-versed in the Fire Service culture;

Programs for individual fire departments to assist in the organization, implementation and training of fire department peer teams;

Community outreach services to support your fire department and its mission by appearances by our Team at your events, parades and fundraisers;

Four antique fire engines, an antique fire chief’s car, and a customized firefighter golf cart for use by your department or organization as a part of our community outreach program;

The use of our old fire trucks in weddings, birthday parties, family reunions and other events for firefighters or the general public;

Referrals for firefighters and their families for financial counseling including basic checkbook management, personal budgeting, first time home buyers mortgage assistance and more complicated financial problems such as bankruptcy and mortgage foreclosure;

Personal support for fire service families during hospitalizations, including firefighter chaplain visits; particularly, but not limited to, those out-of-town families without local support systems to provide comfort, food  or assistance in finding lodging for extended visits. 

Remember friends, this is your Lowcountry Firefighter Support Team and you are all a part of it. Let us know if we can be of any assistance to you or your family.  We can be reached 24 hours per day, seven days a week at (843) 609-8300.  Please call if we can help!